Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Life Worth Living

TSN is the Canadian equivalent of ESPN (indeed, TSN broadcasts some shows by ESPN babblers). Its website,, is one I visit for news about ice hockey. is also a good source for information, assuming you care, about the sport of curling, which, as I’m sure you know, is bocce on ice, played by guys with brooms.
For the last few days has been running a banner across the top of its home page saying, “See Commercials from Super Bowl XLVI. Watch now.” I have always thought that among the most pointless wastes of time was watching the Super Bowl’s inane, over-the-top, crass halftime shows instead of making an overdue visit to another room in the house. But while one can sigh about it, one must acknowledge that bad taste has always and will always be with us. However, this obsession with seeing and evaluating the commercials on the Super Bowl broadcasts totally eludes my comprehension (the New York Times gives out grades as for a student essay, “A” to “F”). Now thanks to (and, I assume, other websites) you do not even have to wait for the game tomorrow to see the ads.
Amazing—but perhaps this is what modern life has come down to: a rush to give hucksters the opportunity to separate you from your money.

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